Hackintosh & Mac Services

A Hackintosh is a custom-built computer which runs macOS.


  • Custom-built for your requirements
  • Lower cost compared to Apple hardware, pay for you need (not what you don’t)
  • Higher Performance Computing (higher productivity)
  • Faster processors, more Cores
  • Higher Memory (64GB & above) at lower cost
  • Large choice of computer case, size, etc
  • More storage options (higher speed, larger capacity)
  • High Performance GPU (NVIDIA, AMD)
  • NVIDIA CUDA acceleration (render in minutes, not hours)
  • Lower cost of maintenance, upgrading
  • Less downtime, faster repairs
  • Use one machine for macOS & Windows (& Linux :-))
  • and other benefits


  • Custom built Hackintosh
  • Hackintosh & Mac Upgrading
  • Hackintosh & Mac Troubleshooting
  • Hackintosh & Mac Technical Support

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