Large Format Printing Services

With the industry's most advanced print head technology, integrated print/cut capabilities, superior media handling and print speeds up to 248.6 sq. ft. per hour in dual CMYK mode (64-inch model), the VS wide format printers set a new standard for digital printing equipment. Our fastest, most versatile VersaCAMM wide format ink jet printers ever, the VS series uses metallic and white inks to add impact to any graphic for attention-grabbing results that elevate your brand message.
  • Wide format inkjet printers with contour cutting
  • Available in three sizes:
    • 64" VS-640
    • 54" VS-540
    • 30" VS-300
  • Offered in four ink configurations:
    • Four-color KYMCCMYK for the highest print speeds
    • Six-color CCMMYK + Lc+Lm for enhanced blues and reds, flawless flesh tones and improved image quality across lighter colors
    • Seven-color CMYK+Lc+Lm+ W+W for white text and graphics with added brightness and opacity
    • Eight-color CMYK+ Lc+Lm+Mt+W for white and metallic applications
  • State-of-the-art eight-channel print head technology:
    • Industry's most advanced print head
    • Variable droplet technology with seven different dot sizes
    • Ensures the smoothest gradations and rich color density
    • Gold plating reduces static electricity
  • Rugged, scratch resistant Eco-SOL MAX® ink in 220 mL and 440 mL cartridges (white and silver available in 220 mL only)
  • Metallic Silver Eco-SOL MAX Ink:
    • Prints as a spot color
    • Combines with CMYK for stunning metallic colors
  • Named 2009 DPI Product of the Year
  • Advanced X-Rite color management tools available
  • Optional Benes dryer system 
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