Java for OS X Lion 2012-003

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About Java for OS X Lion 2012-003

This Java security update removes the most common variants of the Flashback malware.

This update also configures the Java web plug-in to disable the automatic execution of Java applets. Users may re-enable automatic execution of Java applets using the Java Preferences application. If the Java web plug-in detects that no applets have been run for an extended period of time it will again disable Java applets.

Java for OS X Lion 2012-003 delivers Java SE 6 version 1.6.0_31 and supersedes all previous versions of Java for OS X Lion.

This update is recommended for all Mac users with Java installed.

Please quit any web browsers and Java applications before installing this update.

SHA1: 6137f411978c1113ace6bb3bff783a168fa4f2fd

See for more details about this update.

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