OpenBSD/macppc runs on the PowerPC-based Macintosh systems from the ``New World'' family, i.e. all Apple computers from the iMac to current models. It does not run on any unsupported models.

OpenBSD/macppc for 3.0. Support for the 64-bit G5 (running in 32-bit mode) was added in OpenBSD 3.9.

Currently, all the hardware listed in the supported hardware section below boots multi-user, supports most, if not all, of the on-board devices, and is generally usable.

After the 4.0 release basic support for "Old World" machines was committed. Most machines are able to netboot and completing bootloader support is in progress.

The X Window System is supported on all MacPPC systems. Most ATI graphics adapters and some NVIDIA graphics adapters are supported by accelerated X servers. The graphics adapters not supported by an accelerated driver can be used by X in frame buffer (unaccelerated) mode, at the boot resolution and color depth using the wsfb driver (installed by default).