OWC Mercury Enterprise Pro 6G SSD

OWC's Mercury Enterprise Pro 6G Solid State Drives are designed and built for mission-critical deployments that demand the highest performance and data reliability. With data rates exceeding 500MB/s, along with up to 100x greater data protection and up to 90% lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) compared to the highest-rated hard disk drives, the Mercury Enterprise Pro 6G SSD is the new standard of Enterprise-class storage.

  • Enterprise class processor maximizes high-density NAND flash memory performance
  • Toshiba Enterprise Toggle Synchronous (eMLC) 10K PE NAND Flash Storage for more than 3x the reliability and lifespan of standard MLC NAND
  • Maintains highest levels of balanced read/write performance (up to 60K IOPS & over 500MB/s data rates)
  • SATA Revision 3.0 (6Gb/s) interface with NCQ
  • Qualified for single drive and RAID use with all RAID levels supported
  • Proprietary OWC Paratus™ Power Technology ensures any existing writes will be committed/retired to prevent data loss and the drive will be shut down properly during an unexpected power interruption.
  • Longest SSD warranty in industry—seven years

Built Specifically to Handle I/O Intensive, Mission Critical Uses

Designed for I/O-intensive enterprise servers, storage arrays, and high-end workstations; as well as small to medium-sized businesses (SMB) in the financial, telecom, web/mail, gaming, public security, retail, and professional media creation/editing industries, the Mercury Enterprise Pro 6G is ideal for:

  • Highest performance, lowest latency
  • Intense input/output (I/O) workloads
  • Online transaction processing (OLTP)
  • Data warehousing, data mining, and web serving
  • Dynamic tiered storage solutions
  • Transaction intense Tier 0 storage

ROI as Fast as the Drive

By deploying Mercury Enterprise Pro 6G SSDs for an I/O-intensive task such as an Extract Transform Load (ETL) process, an IT department can reduce data sessions involving up to 25 million records from eight hours to two hours. With six hours of newfound data analysis, an IT staff can execute multiple sessions on the same day. That's a competitive advantage that can be used to deliver an immediate ROI impact on the bottom line.

Double the Data Security

Highest-level security protocols are used to ensure data stored in the Mercury Enterprise Pro 6G is safe from loss, theft, or repurposing. Data is automatically stored in a highly secure AES-256/128 hardware double encrypted format; and the drive meets all TCG Enterprise Security requirements.

Up to 90 Percent Lower Total Cost of Ownership

The Mercury Enterprise Pro 6G offers up to 90% lower TCO compared to traditional hard drives because fewer SSDs are required to achieve the same IOPS performance level that multiple hard drives provide. With fewer drives required:

  • Power consumption is dramatically reduced by up to 90%
  • Drive environment cooling requirements are significantly reduced
  • Fewer storage racks are needed
  • Data center space expansion can be delayed or even eliminated

Over Provisioning & Wear Management Explained

OWC SSDs allocate some of the drive capacity for RAISE (Redundant Array of Independent Silicon Elements), to provide real time data redundancy, ECC Error Correction, and reserve cell space.

Example: A 200GB OWC Mercury Enterprise 6G SSD is actually a 256GB drive with 28% of the drive's capacity allocated for data management. This management maintains the drive's high-performance and high reliability levels.

Unlike many SSDs on the market today, the Mercury Pro family uses advanced DuraWrite™ wear-leveling and block management technologies to keep Read/Write performance at peak, while others see performance fall.