YoYo Handwriter

The PENPOWER YoYo Handwriter combines Chinese handwriting recognition technology to allow users to communicate with the computer directly by handwriting. Equipped with Chinese Handwriting 4x3 Tablet and a 1024-level Cordless Pressure-Sensitive Pen (CPSP), it can function like a mouse to let you control everything at will. Beside, you can use the tablet and its handwriting recognition software both on Windows and Mac!

Dual Wireless Pen

The leading technology to deliver the advanced presentation and handwriting device.

The "Dual Wireless Pen" features Penpower's exclusive fusion of "presentation" and "handwriting" technologies to deliver the world's most advanced presentation and handwriting device. The patented technology means you no longer have to constantly switch between the projection screen and the computer during presentations. By quickly switching through different modes, you can control handwriting input, the presentation or mouse as necessary, and highlight or illustrate certain points directly on the presentation slide. Having to hook up a bunch of hardware and cables to the presentation computer is now a thing of the past. Impress your manager and colleagues with your smooth performance!

The "Dual Wireless Pen" supports presentation functions such as the next/previous page, blank screen, countdown, laser pointer and switching to mouse mode for hyperlinking. Plug & Play is supported for Windows' PowerPoint or the Mac's Keynote presentation software so no installation is needed to deliver a smooth and professional presentation. With Penpower's latest handwriting software loaded, you can input traditional/simplified Chinese, English, Japanese, numbers and symbols into all kinds of word processing and instant messaging software with an accuracy rate of over 96%! The "Dual Wireless Pen" also features metal buttons with different textures so the presentation giver can intuitively and correctly switch between different functions. Dispense with complicated configurations for more efficiency! To meet the needs of businesspeople on the move, the design is very light and thin. The USB wireless receiver and stylus can be cleverly stowed away inside the "Dual Wireless Pen" as well to make one convenient package for business trips.