Power Plan Assistant

Power Plan Assistant for Boot Camp-enabled Apple® Macbook Pro / Air notebooks running Microsoft® Windows® 7

The Boot Camp's native keyboard backlight management is buggy, even after Mid-2010/Early-2011 update (please see the below note). When compared to Mac® OS X

implementation, not only it's impossible (!) to disable keyboard backlight completely in Windows®, the worstest thing is that Boot Camp's native automatic adjustment

mechanism is not properly coded. It's, as a minimum, too sensitive, thus keyboard backlight tends to fluctuate even at a nearly constant level of ambient light.

Being extremely bright, especially on the latest 'unibody' Macbooks, it doesn't only irritate user, but definitely is an extra energy consumer.

The good news are, Power Plan Assistant brings keyboard backlight management to a whole new level! It allows a user to disable keyboard backlight completely or just

disable / enable automatic keyboard backlight level adjustment. These features were previously available on Mac® OS X only. It's a tool worth installing - one can only

imagine how annoying it is to be writing novels or playing about at online casino only to have your machine go kaput because it's using pointless amounts of

power to backlight your keyboard at four in the afternoon. So, Power Plan Assistant brings the keyboard backlight management features to both the 32-bit and 64-bit

Windows® 7, at the same time preserving all of Boot Camp's native hardware controls (no need to unload the 'Bootcamp.exe' process!)

All existing (32-bit and 64-bit) editions of Windows® 7 are fully supported (on 64-bit operating system, the 100% native, 64-bit binaries will be installed automatically).

Note about the Mid-2010/Early-2011/Late-2011 models: these generations do allow the user to disable keyboard backlight without the Power Plan Assistant, BUT:

- You have to press the keyboard 16 times (!) every time you start Windows, just in order to disable the backlight. Therefore, the Power Plan Assistant-offered

unique 'hot corner' mouse gesture is still the fastest, the very easiest way to control the keyboard backlight in Windows.

- Automatic adjustment of the keyboard backlight intensity is still the subject of major interest, even for the latest generation of Macbook Pro and Air, as no other

software is capable of switching the backlight control to manual mode, and the Boot Camp's native automatic adjustment has not been fixed by Apple, even after

the Late-2011 update. So, the Power Plan Assistant is the must-have tool for EVERY Macbook Pro / Air running Windows® 7, regadless of its production date.

Power Plan Assistant for Windows® 7 is compatible with Boot Camp 3.0, 3.1, 3.2 and 4.0; it may not work with older Boot Camp versions. All the existing generations

of the Boot Camp-enabled Apple® Macbook Pro and Macbook Air notebooks are supported. Please note that although some of the Macbook Airs are not equipped

with keyboard backlight, they still benefit greatly from the 'wireless adapters on/off' and the rest of the power management features of the Power Plan Assistant.