SQLEditor for Mac

A Database design and entity relationship diagram (ERD) tool for Mac OS X.

SQLEditor replaces typing SQL by hand with dragging, dropping and clicking. It makes creating databases much faster and really helps reduce errors.

If you already have a database then SQLEditor can help you see what it looks like by creating a diagram of it.

Key Features

  • Visual editing, including drag and drop
  • Live source view - the SQL source changes as you edit the diagram
  • Ruby On Rails Migrations - SQLEditor can export them and now (in v1.4) import them too!
  • With SQLEditor's reverse engineering you can import existing databases to diagram and SQLEditor will create an ER diagram for you.
  • Once you've created your diagram you can export it directly via JDBC to one of several supported database systems including Postgresql, Oracle® and MySQL®.
  • You can save your database to an SQL instruction (DDL) file for immediate use on remote servers or with other tools.
  • Import existing DDL files directly into SQLEditor
  • Copy and paste to import and export supported SQL to and from SQLEditor
  • You can print out designs so that you can see your database up on the wall.1 SQLEditor also supports PDF output for easy sharing.