SwitchResX - the most advanced utility to control resolutions on your Mac

Display Sets - SwitchResX can give you access to powerful options

A Display Set contains all definitions of all your displays

One key shortcut, one single menu option to affect all following settings.


  • resolutions
  • color depth
  • display position
  • main display
  • display overscan
  • video mirroring

but also

  • display activity
  • orientation
  • color profiles
  • all that in one shot and with one click or key shortcut !

SwitchResX can automate resolutions switches for all applications

Assign a Display Set to an application, and automate changing settings when the application starts, comes to front, or quits.

SwitchResX can save your desktop icons and windows, and replace them of course.

No icons at the wrong place any more...