Time Capsule

Backing up is something we all know we should do, but often don’t. And while disaster is a great motivator, now it doesn’t have to be. Because with Time Capsule, the nagging need to back up has been replaced by automatic, constant protection. And even better, it all happens wirelessly, saving everything important, including your sanity.

Even faster Time Machine backup.

Time Capsule includes a wireless 2TB or 3TB hard drive designed to work with Time Machine in OS X Leopard or later. Just set Time Capsule as the designated backup drive for Time Machine, and that’s it. Depending on how much data you have, your initial backup with Time Capsule could take overnight or longer. After it completes, only changed files are backed up — automatically, wirelessly, and in the background. So you never have to worry about backing up again. Even better, new technologies in Time Capsule and refinements to Time Machine make backing up to Time Capsule using OS X Lion up to 75 percent faster than before.

Backup for everyone.

Have multiple Mac computers in your house? Time Capsule can back up and store files for each Mac running OS X Leopard or later on your wireless network. No longer do you have to attach an external drive to each Mac every time you want to back up. Time Capsule spares you the work.

Room for it all.

Time Capsule is your one place for backing up everything. Its massive 2TB or 3TB server-grade hard drive gives you all the capacity and safety you need. So whether you have 250 songs or 250,000 songs to back up, room is the last thing you’ll run out of. And considering all that storage and protection come packaged in a high-speed Wi-Fi base station starting at $299, data isn’t the only thing you’re saving.

Using Time Capsule with Time Machine.

You can get Time Capsule up and running quickly and easily using Time Machine. After Time Machine detects your Time Capsule on the network, you simply designate it for backup and it’s ready to go. All in a few clicks.